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Unwind ; The Kombucha cocktail which relieves stress

While searching for a stress reliever, we came up with a cocktail, which incidentally became our go to.

Then we thought to add some extra health benefits to it, by adding CARO-CARO flavour from Himalayan Kombucha.


Channeling the flavours and aromas of my country, India with this creation. The mango lassi has fruit and goat-milk yogurt, combined with CARO-CARO, which contain balanced flavours of Organic carrots and wild turmeric, which offers a fantastic body since it is dry and sour.

Here we just kept the alcohol a bit low to keep more on a healthier side.

Here is the recipe or as we say a Formula for this brilliant stress reliever.


  • 30 ml of Cardamom infused Gin

  • 50 ml Mango puree (mix of mango puree and yogurt)

  • Top up CARO-CARO Himalayan Kombucha

  • Lime wedge

  • Chaat powder

  • Purple orchid flower for garnish

How to make:

Add the gin, mango puree in a cocktail shaker.

Use a lime wedge to coat half the circumference of the rim of a coupe glass and dip into chaat powder (Indian spice mix)

Strain the shaken gin and mango puree in the coupe glass.

Top it up with CARO-CARO kombucha. Garnish it with Purple orchid flower.

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